An internet based electronic cheque authentication system designed to establish the claims made by both customer and bank on cheques


  • CAS allows customers and banks to verify processed cheques. This way, the problem of redundancy and misplacement of cheque books will be a thing of a past .
  • CAS allows banks and customers to register, login and check  for update on ordered and issued cheques
  • Cheque books can also be ordered by Customers on the platform. This would reduce the rate at which customers come to the bank; customers  will not have to come to the banks to place an order for cheque books.
  • The system allows customers to flag a cheque book as stolen or misplaced
  • Banks can schedule and acquire reports for their cheque transactions
  • Customers can also receive reports on their cheque books, i.e. notifying them about their cheque book requests or transactions via sms and emails